How to Really Refine Adwords Ads

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If you don’t have the right keywords or if your ads don’t lead to clicks, these mistakes are costing you. Not money, but reduced placement. This is because Google incorporates an experience rating into its calculations about when and how often to show your ads.

Signs of Trouble. Google want ads with good click-through rates (CTR), because they only make money that way. So if you’re CTR is falling below 1%, you’d behind the eight ball. Another red flag is lots of impressions but no clicks.

The Way Out. Here’s how to bring up the quality of those campaigns and turn the tide.

1. Use negative keywords. Put your own search term into Google search. Then look through the first several pages for words unrelated to your product or service. Say you’re selling racing gear, but its only for runners, not cars. Then “-cars” should be in your keywords to keep those results out of the results.

2.. Delete ads that are the worst performers. You should be running only two ads at a time, testing one against the other. After a certain period, pause the worse performer and write another to see if the new one will beat the former winner.

3. Compare each adgroup’s ads to its keywords. One of an adgroup’s keywords ought to be the theme of the adgroup, and it ought to be in the ad title. Ads that match terms the user types into the search box will be bold. And ads with a keyword match and bold type perform better.

You’ve got Adwords. Now convert to sales.


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