Facebook Business Marketing Wrap-Up

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Here’s a quick summary of this week’s posts on Using Facebook for Business Marketing. We also include top links to improve your Facebook business page.

Facebook Business Marketing Wrap-Up

Facebook Business Page Promotion: Will Your Update Be Widely Read?
All those who have previously clicked Like on that page can potentially see your Facebook page update.  But will they?   Click here to learn about Facebook Status Updates.

Import Your Blog to Your Facebook Business Page
“Repurpose” all the hard work that went into creating blog posts and use it on Facebook to give both Fans and potential new customers the benefit of this content.  Click here for steps to import your blog to your Facebook business page.

What Encourages Likes and Comments to Status Updates of Your Facebook Business Page? Some status updates get likes and comments, while others don’t. Learn how to get your status updates seen. Click here for what encourages likes and comments to status updates of your Facebook business page.

Facebook Marketing Campaign Examples — Beverage Brands. By looking at the Facebook marketing campaigns of large brands, a small business owner or entrepreneur can better understand how they use Facebook business pages to build awareness and promote. Click here for Facebook marketing campaign examples from beverage brands.

Facebook SEO, or How To Get Your Facebook Business Page Found by Search Engines. Use SEO tricks to format your Facebook business page. All Facebook pages are indexed by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines, so take advantage of that to maximize exposure for your business. Click here for Facebook SEO.

Add a Subscription Tab to Your Facebook Business Page — Facebook Marketing Tip. A subscription Tab on your Facebook business Page will enable Fans and visitors to sign up for your e-newsletters. Click here for Add a Subscription Tab to your Facebook business page.

Moderating Fan Comments and Submissions on Facebook Business Pages. As you become successful in engaging Fans and encouraging conversation on your Facebook business page, you need to think about how to manage comments and submissions. Click here for moderating Fan comments and submissions on Facebook business pages.

This Week’s Top Links on Facebook Business Marketing

How To: Create a Facebook Engagement Policy.
Categorize posts, establish acceptable response time, develop guidelines for resolving issues, create a process to handle inquiries, set clear ground rules for Fan posts, and set an appropriate tone.

How To: Design and Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business
“…the subtleties of designing a Facebook landing page and FBML programming,” with lots of custom coding discussions.  For the programmer, not the marketer.

How to Reveal Fan-Only Content on Facebook.
Install a Static FBML tab called Free eBook and put an image that encourages people to become a fan and offers a free eBook for doing so.

8 Social Media Metrics You Need to Succeed
“The number of fans and followers is not necessarily an indicator of social media success.”  And “the most important figure in a wall post is not the number of views, but the number of times it’s shared.”

8 Reasons Marketers Can’t Trust Facebook
“The fate of your company’s Facebook page is in the hands of the person who added it — that’s extremely short-sighted.”  And “almost everything you invest in Facebook could be lost — today.”

10 Ways to Measure Your Audience on Facebook
“Using specific monitoring services helps cut to the core of the most successful social media strategies. We’ve selected ten products that offer quantitative data to help companies tailor content for to their audiences, and monitor the return on investments for these strategies.”

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