Facebook for Business Marketing: This Week’s Posts and Good Links

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Here’s a quick summary of this week’s posts on Using Facebook for Business Marketing. We also include top links to improve your Facebook business page.

Facebook Business Marketing Wrap-Up

Business Name Changes on Facebook Business Pages Two small businesses want to change business names on their Facebook business pages.  They try, with two different outcomes. Click here for more on business name changes on Facebook business pages.

Facebook Marketing Campaign Examples — Fashion Retailers By looking at the Facebook marketing campaigns of large brands, a small business owner or entrepreneur can better understand how they use Facebook business pages to build awareness and promote. Click here for fashion retailer Facebook marketing campaign examples.

Promote Related Businesses in Status Updates on Your Facebook Business Page Status Updates on your Facebook business page shouldn’t be all about you.  Why not plug  related businesses from time to time?  Click here for status updates on your Facebook business page.

Add a Review Tab to Your Facebook Business Page — Facebook Marketing Tip If appropriate for your type of business, add a review tab to your Facebook business page. Click here to learn how to add a review Tab to your Facebook business page.

Facebook Marketing Effectiveness Using Altimeter’s 8 Criteria: Prayables Example, Part 1 What are key criteria for Facebook marketing effectiveness? How can you make best use of your Facebook business page to reach users and engage them? Click here to see how one small business, Prayables.com, rates itself against the first 4 of Altemeter’s 8 Facebook marketing effectiveness criteria.

Facebook Marketing Effectiveness Using Altimeter’s 8 Criteria: Prayables Example, Part 2 The small business Payables.com rates itself against the second 4 of Altimeter’s 8 criteria for success.  Click here for the last 4 Facebook marketing effectiveness criteria.

This Week’s Top Links on Facebook Business Marketing

Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work What doesn’t work –deep expensive campaigns, multiple apps per tab, sweepstakes, photo or video contests, Like blocks, extended permissions, and unbranded apps.  What kind of works –dedicated Facebook storefronts.  What works — promotions and light-weight engagement.  Do  read page two of this post, which explains what works and why.

OMG! I Can’t Use My Facebook Personal Profile for Business? Larry Brauner responds to feedback from concerned small business marketers using their Facebook profiles for their businesses.
Top 5 Things for Facebook Page Success These five are: promote your page to current customers, publish relevant info, talk to customers, use photos and videos, and update your page anytime, anywhere.
Facebook Enriches Page Filters with Keyword Blocking Screenshots and explanations of how to block keywords.
How to Leverage Facebooks News Feed Algorithm. Understand Edgerank.  Then bring users back, get them talking, ask for contributions, give them consistency.  Good, detailed discussions of each.
How To: Develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry Non-Facebook food for thought.  What are the cliches in your industry?  What are your disruptive hypotheses?  What can you invert?

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