Facebook for Business Marketing: Wrap-Up and Good Links, 4-29-11

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Using Facebook for Business Marketing

Behold my latest posts and picks on using Facebook for business marketing.

Recent Facebook Marketing Posts

Facebook Business Pages of Realtors:  Local Business Examples
Examples of tabs and updates by Realtors with over 100 Fans.  Do you know of additional examples of active Facebook pages (not personal profiles) of Realtors?

Facebook Engagement with Contests, Competitions, Drawings or Sweepstakes
Facebook guidelines and apps to run contests, competitions, etc.

Good Links on Facebook Business Marketing

Facebook Extends a Hand to Madison Avenue, NY Times
A new type of ad unit is being tested:  “Marketers will be able to use ads to question users and those users will be able to type answers in response.  The answers then show up in a user’s news feed.”

Social Media Has Almost No Effect on Online Retail Purchases: Study, Mashable
“The report, a collaboration between Forrester Research and GSI Commerce, …shows that social media rarely leads directly to purchases online — data indicates that less than 2% of orders were the result of shoppers coming from a social network. The report found email and search advertising were much more effective vehicles for turning browsers into buyers.”

Facebook Deals Review, Ignite Social Media
How it works, examples of deal offerings, discussion of news feed and gifting. “…the limited nature of the program means that all deals right now appear to be from small, local companies rather than large brands. Facebook also seems to prefer unique, local experiences rather than utility deals like dry cleaning or house cleaning.”

One Year Later: What Marketers Have Learned About Facebook’s Open Graph, Mashable
Sample quote:  “The cutting edge for Open Graph integration is Instant Personalization, which is currently available to eight approved partners, including Yelp and Pandora. If a user is currently logged into Facebook, Instant Personalization allows sites to use Open Graph data without an additional login.”

How Facebook Rescued Local Business, ImediConnection

  • “When shopping, people want to talk to people they already know, not to strangers or recommendation engines
  • “Use Facebook to engage people in a dialogue; ask them what they think and then follow up on their suggestions
  • “Make your fan relationships as personal as possible; talk to people like you would in an email.”

Should You Advertise on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter? Social Media Examiner
“Facebook advertising is very effective at B2C targeting. It also offers geographic targeting, which works well for metro areas and cities, but is somewhat lacking if you want to target rural areas specifically. Facebook advertising is relatively ineffective for B2B advertising…”

Here’s the Secret ROI to Facebook Display Ads, AllFacebook
It’s targeting.  “Data analysis revealed a click-through rate of .02 percent, on average, for un-targeted ads, compared to .15 percent, on average, for targeted ads (three times higher than Webtrends findings). Better yet, in terms of engagement metrics, targeted ads scored 150 percent, drastically higher than the 22.5 percent scored by un-targeted ads.”

Facebook Revamps Page Suggestions, Adds Page Invite Manager to Page Browser, InsideFacebook
“Page suggestions in the module show the name and picture of the Page, a Like button for the Page, and the text ‘[Friend who is the Page’s admin] suggested you check out his / her Page’.”
Does anyone besides me think Page Suggestions is worthless?  Who would use this, and how?

Facebook Launches Three Sponsored Story Types for Pages, Apps and Websites, InsideFacebook
Sponsored Stories are “the ad unit …that turns user activity into ads shown to their friends.”  The new types “expand the kinds of user activity that can be converted into ads to include Page post Likes, app or game usage, and activity on third-party sites.”

Featured Facebook Campaigns: PetSmart, Virgin America, Warner Music, New Zealand, Film and Banking, Allfacebook
“Photo and video contests were popular on our roundup of featured Facebook campaigns this week.”

Facebook business marketing means using Facebook Connect for social signin

Facebook Becomes Top Choice for Social Signin, eMarketer
I’m adding Facebook Connect to my site.  How about you?

Another Facebook Business Marketing Post

Facebook for Business Marketing: Wrap-up and Good Links, 4-23-11


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