Facebook for Business Marketing Wrap Up: 24 Good Links, 5-21-11

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Facebook page activities of big brands, from eMarketer

Here’s this week’s roundup of Facebook business page marketing posts from the Using Facebook for Business Marketing blog, and good links on the topic from around the web — 24 in all.

Our Recent Facebook Business Marketing Posts

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Status Update Tips for Facebook Business Pages

Links on Page Administration

Facebook Rolls Native Page Management Tools into Pages Dashboard, InsideFacebook
“Facebook has simplified the process of managing Pages on the site by aggregating several of the previously scattered native tools and data into a new Pages dashboard.”

7 Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistakes, AllFacebook
1. Assuming people go to your Fan page (versus seeing your posts in their news feed)
2. Expecting welcome Tabs to get you lots of Fans
3. Overestimating apps and Tabs
4. No budget for ads to acquire Fans
5. Posting on a self centered way, not trying to get Likes and comments
6. Not optimizing for impressions and feedback rate
7. Over-selling and hard-selling without conversing or arousing desire first

How to Manage a Facebook Wall in Any Situation, AllFacebook
“Managing user-generated content on the Facebook wall is a full-time job. If your guard is down for as little as 24 hours, you might end up with an unmanageable queue of messages that need responding to.”

How to Use Facebook Questions as Free Research, AllFacebook
“…communicators, public relations professionals and marketers are taking the lead in putting Facebook’s new polling feature to the test, using Questions as a fast and inexpensive market research tool.”

How To: Poll Consumers on Facebook, Mashable
Find tools and resources, plus tips.

Does Your Facebook Chief Know Strategy? Socialmedia.biz
…”there are three primary types of individuals guiding their Facebook strategy: brand marketer, customer care manager, and direct marketer.”  Learn about each ones’ approach.

Facebook Success Beyond Like, eMarketer
See top graphic.

Can Brands Maintain Engagement on Facebook? eMarketer
“Likes can go down as fan bases increase.”

Links on Facebook Pages + Places

Facebook Rolls Out Places Functionality and Checkin Deals to Pages with Street Addresses
“…this automatic merge of Pages and Places ‘makes things easier for Page administrators’.”

Facebook Looks to Maximize Places and Checkin Deals, Marketing Pilgrim
“No one has really been saying much about Facebook Places and Checkin Deals because, well honestly, not many people have been doing much with them.”

Links on Facebook Tagging

Facebook Allows Users to Tag Pages in Photos, Could Bring More Fans, InsideFacebook
“Page tagged photos will adhere to a user’s privacy settings, and will only appear on a Page’s Photos tab if set to be visible to everyone. Initially, Facebook is only allowing Pages categorized as “Brands & Products” or “People” to be tagged, but it says it is ‘looking to expand this functionality to more Page categories over time’.”

Facebook Finally Launches Improved Photo Tagging, AllFacebook
“To tag pictures, click on the link labeled photo on any of your friends’ profiles or on pages you’re already a fan of — and only on pages within the categories of brands, products  or people.”

Links on Facebook Contests

Facebook Clarifies Contest Guidelines, AllFacebook
“…contests may not require anything of a Facebook user other than liking a page, checking into a page, or connecting with an application.”

Create Contests on Facebook For $9 a Month, AllFacebook
“ShortStack Labs has just come out with a widget that puts a contest right on your Facebook page for as little as $9 a month. A private label version starts at about $30 per month.”

Links on Facebook Page Marketing

Using Linkedin to Get More Facebook Likes, Social Media Marketing
“Promoting Facebook pages on relevant LinkedIn groups can help to increase “likes” and exposure for your business page.”

NewsFeed Optimization: 14 Ideas to Get Noticed in Facebook, GetElastic
“The only way to earn affinity is to get a Fan to interact with your page. Your Fan is likely to forget about your page unless you’re showing up in her News Feed, so an immediate interaction with your Wall or other content should get the ball rolling.”

5 Best Practices of Fashion Retailers, Mashable

  1. Focus on engagement, not sales
  2. Develop a product-centric content strateg
  3. Allow for two-way dialogue
  4. Build your fan base
  5. Let your strategy evolve.

Meetup To Launch Facebook Tab To Help Brands Mobilize Fans, Mashable
“With the app, a Facebook fan page administrator can declare a Worldwide Meetup Day directly from Facebook. The brand will not have a Meetup Everywhere page, nor will fans be required to navigate away from Facebook to sign up for or organize a Meetup.”

Startup Makes Facebook Likes Searchable, Mashable
Quick Pitch: Likester is a searchable database of what gets Liked on Facebook.
Genius Idea: Showing trends among friends, locations, categories and the world.

PR Pro’s Guide to Facebook, Mashable
“Companies and brands have a wonderful opportunity to participate in this give and take, and engage in real conversations with their customers and fans on Facebook. As PR professionals, how can we help our clients connect with their communities through Facebook? Here are some tips.”

Links on Facebook Photos

Give Your Facebook Photos A Makeover with Lancome App, Mashable
“Users can select one of their photos and use the app to apply different eye shadow colors and liners to the shape of their eyes. They can also adjust the intensity, rendering a more natural-looking makeover.”

6 Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Page with Photos, Social Media Examiner

  1. It’s not personal, it’s business
  2. Make sure your photos represent your brand well
  3. Post shareable photos
  4. If you’re local, show it off
  5. Show off a more personal side of your organization
  6. Add new photos often

Facebook for Business Marketing: Wrap Up and Good Links, 5-6-11


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