24 Facebook for Business Marketing Links, 5-28-11

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Facebook for business marketing links

Here’s your weekend reading on Facebook for business marketing.

Our Recent Facebook Business Marketing Post

Online Training to Use Facebook for Business Marketing
Three sources for both free and paid online training about how to promote your business on Facebook.

Facebook Business Marketing Links

4 Facebook Marketing Tactics You Might Not Know About, SEOmoz
How to use Facebook insights for your website, Facebook comments, local business listings, and Facepile to boost your SEO.

5 Tips for Building a Super-Sticky Facebook Page, IMediaConnection
*  The more people who interact with the content, the longer it stays in the news feed
*  Use other avenues that ultimately share back onto Facebook to amplify your brand message
*  Listen to your audience, find out what its members ultimately want from your presence on Facebook, and publish content accordingly

How to Optimize the Facebook Like Button, AllFacebook
“…you can dramatically boost your results by making a few subtle changes.”

5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Facebook Stream, Mashable
They are:  Showcase your customers, Have a sense of humor, Give ’em something to consume, Ask questions, Take us behind the curtain.

Top Reasons Fans Follow Brands on Facebook, SocialMediaIgnite
Number 1 in 2010 was to get discounts.  In 2011, it’s latest news about the brand and new product info. (Do you believe that?)

How to Calculate Facebook Like Count with PHP, AllFacebook
Code provided.

Facebook Page Building Tools Keep Growing Fast, AllFacebook
Table of tools provided.

Gifts, Video, Coupons, Quizzes, Friends and More on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps, InsideFacebook
App data on 20 top apps.

How to Build a Great Contest, SEOMoz
Find 10 on-page elements to include in your Facebook contest and advice on structuring participation.

Facebook Photo Tagging Scam Running Rampant, Digital Life
“Here’s how you get sucked in:  You click the link to the photo album, thinking you’re about to see a photo album of last Saturday’s kegger or the latest adorable adventure involving your BFF’s herd of rescue Frenchies. Instead, it’s something like a photo album full of Olive Garden entrees, tagged with many names of people who also don’t appear in the picture.”

8 Brands That Have Found Success on Facebook and What We Can Learn, Mashable
Brands are: Pampered Chef, Restaurant.com, Oreo, Vitamin Water, Boloco, Loft,1-800-Flowers, and Brooklyn Museum.

Pruning Facebook Pages: When To Remove Comments and Ban Fans, AimClear
When to remove comments, when to ban Fans, Dos and Do Nots.

8 Essential Tips for Publicists Using Facebook, AllFacebook
Thursday in the early morning is the best time to do an update, and other tips.

Facebook Requiring Pages to Enable Comments, AllFacebook
“We think these policy changes support consistency for the Facebook pages product and encourage an authentic dialogue between people and businesses on Facebook.”

Facebook Redefined the Community Manager, AllFacebook
“The Facebook universe, with its intuitive user interface, makes programming and data management skills unimportant and suddenly changed the requirements for the job. In place of data management came stakeholder dialogue.”

7 Ways to Build Customer Relationships on Facebook, AllFacebook
Prioritize engagements, identify most important Fans and give value are the keys.

Are Facebook Friends of Brands Likelier to Buy? AllFacebook
“Some 36 percent of people feel more inclined to purchase a particular brand’s product after forming a friendship with the entity on Facebook.”

Facebook Ecommerce: What Features are Most Important in a Page Storefront Application? InsideFacebook
*  The ability to import your existing ecommerce webstore or catalog of products
*  Integration with other ecommerce software such as Magento and Shopify
*  Checkout functionality

New Facebook Feature Has Users Post Recommended Pages to Wall, Newsfeed, InsideFacebook
“Users who find Pages and Places they like can decide to recommend them to friends, via a feature that Facebook appears to be in testing…”

Facebook Adds “Subscribe Via RSS Option to Pages, InsideFacebook
Facebook for business marketing linksExample on the bottom left of the my page wall.

5 Practical Tips to Get More From Facebook, Duct Tape Marketing
These 5 are:  scale the wall, network, ask, mix it up, sponsored stories.

Page Admins Can Target Individual Wall Posts, AllFacebook
“Did you know you can target your Facebook posts by location and language using your page?”

Facebook as a business marketing channel

Another Facebook Marketing Link

Facebook for Business Marketing Wrap-up: 24 Good Links, 5-21-11


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