10 Facebook for Business Marketing Links, 6-3-11

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Facebook for business marketing links

Happy June, and welcome to this week’s best links on Facebook business marketing.

Our Recent Facebook for Business Marketing Post

Automated Status Updates on a Facebook Business Page: Pros and Cons
How to make the most of imports from blogs, Twitter and social bookmarking sites to benefit (and not alienate) Fans.

Good Facebook Business Marketing Links From Around the Web

Using Linkedin to Get More Facebook Fans, Small Business Marketing Tools
“Extending your reach to relevant LinkedIn groups may be one way to jumpstart a Facebook like fan base.”

Four Creative Ways to Reward Your Fans, Mashable
They are: offer exclusive discounts, coupons and content; help Fans give back; show you are listening; and reward individual Fans.

How to Gain Competitive Insight With Social Media, Social Media Examiner
See category on competitive insights through Facebook.  This is a January 2011 post that I just rediscovered.  It’s excellent.

Google Trumps Facebook (By a Lot) in First Stop for Online Purchases, Marketing Pilgrim
Are you surprised?   The graphic says it all:

Facebook for business marketing and sales, versus Google

Forget Freelancers, Hire the New Yorker to Build Your Facebook Page, Marketing Pilgrim
“Last week, Conde Nast, publisher of The New Yorker, GQ, Wired and dozens of other magazines, launched a new division called Ideactive. What they’re offering is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs including mobile app development, websites and social media consultations. Companies who advertise with the publisher will get better rates, but they’ll take money from anyone who wants to hire them.”

3 Ways to Segment Your Facebook Fan Base, Imediaconnection
The three are the causal Fan (from a offer or sweepstakes), the casual Fan, and the committed Fan.  Learn how to treat each group.  A quite interesting post.

Are Prestigious Brands Underestimating Facebook?  AllFacebook
“Our thesis is that competence on Facebook is inextricably linked to shareholder growth in the prestige industry,” says Scott Galloway.  Downloadable report link, too.

7 Tips for Facebook’s Relaxed Promotion Guidelines, AllFacebook
Tips are:

1.  “Get creative with Fans,” as Starbucks and Lady Gaga do.
2.  “Like-it contests,” such as 76 Hawaii’s.
3.  “Integrate,” as Corona did.
4.  “Customize.”
5.  “Take it to the wall,” like the Corona beach giveaway.
6.  “Endorsements work.”
7.  “Open it up to comments,” as the drug companies now must.

How Should Your Company Reply to Comments on Facebook Pages? InsideFacebook
Prioritize as follows:

1. “Replying to constructive negative comments to keep the authors of those comments from causing problems for your brand in the future
2. Deleting the comments of or banning trolls and spammers
3. Replying to the best positive comments to create brand evangelists
4. Replying to the remainder of positive comments”

Another Facebook Marketing Post

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